The Final Move

Interestingly, the final move we’re referring to isn’t Checkmate!

This Sunday, 8thof July 2018, Crobs’ Chess will be moving back to Dome Midland. Permanently – which explains the blog’s title.


Unfortunately, Café Di Mondo has closed for business yet again. Although the café has been home to Crobs’ for years, venue uncertainty is not something we wish to constantly address. Nor do we want our group members to be subjected to constant confusion.

We apologise once again for the inconvenience but would like to assure everyone that this will not happen again – unless Dome Midland also ceased operation, which is highly unlikely given they are a franchaise with access to greater resources than the average small business owner usually has. Or another venue infinitely more suitable for our chess meetings becomes available. Also unlikely!


That aside, the lovely staff at Dome Café, Midland, are looking forward to welcoming us back and Chris is looking forward to challenging everyone there on Sunday.

Until then,

Chris & the Crobs’ Team



We couldn’t source a Dome coupon but here’s one from Gloria Jean for everyone to redeem. We’re hoping the caffeine will take the edge off everyone’s annoyance and minimise irritability over the move.


Venue:     Dome, 21 Cale St, Midland WA

Date:          Sunday 8 July 2018

Time:         As per usual

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