Weekend Notes Features Crobs’ Weekend Chess Meets

With Chris away on an amazing trip to Europe, I’ve been working solo and will admit executing Crobs’ digital marketing tasks alone has not been as enjoyable. So anything even slightly out of the ordinary has been a source of amusement. Today’s entertainment was pondering how meta it is that we promote Crobs’ Sunday chess meets at Dome Midland as the perfect way to wind up a weekend, which then winds up being promoted on the Weekend Notes website as a recommended weekend activity.

So a massive thank goes out to Weekend Notes writer John Fallon, who has been a huge supporter of Crobs’ Coffee and Chess, for kindly featuring Chris and Crobs’ chess gatherings in a recent article linked here:


We’re extremely appreciative of the exposure Weekend Notes provides. Covering all the latest and greatest activities and events Perth has to offer, it’s a terrific resource for people wanting to fill their free time with interesting things to see, do and experience. The website’s one million plus circulation/readership attests to that. Make sure you check out their articles and calendar!

Founder, Chris Roberton, playing chess with a Crobs’ Coffee & Chess Sunday attendee

Crobs’ would like to thank all of our members, chess meet attendees, the Thursday Ellenbrook chess players, Dome Midland (host venue of Crobs’ Sunday chess), Dome Mundaring (host venue of Crobs’ Friday morning chess), City Farm (host venue of Crobs’ Saturday morning chess), Café di Mondo (former Crobs’ home), local press, City of Swan, Swan Districts Football Club, St Bartholomew House and followers of the Crobs’ Facebook page and blog for their support also.

Please keep spreading the word about our chess services. Together we can reduce social isolation and create more connected, inclusive and accessible communities.

Marsha & the Crobs’ Team



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